Happy Purim! 🎉 While we may not actually be selling Shtiebel Pyjamas (just a little Purim jest!), we thought that if were considering treating yourself to a pair we might be able to encourage you to help us spread the joy of the season through our Purim Projects.

By supporting our street pantry, sponsoring our festive meal, providing sweet treats for our lolly bar, or contributing towards the purchase of our first Megillat Esther, you’ll be joining us in making this Purim truly special. Your generosity will play a vital role in enriching our celebrations and spreading the spirit of Purim far and wide.

We’ve heard your praises for our stunning shtiebel aprons, and guess what? You can now have one of your own to grace your home!

Our exclusive aprons are now available for purchase at just $36 each, and here’s the exciting part: this marks the debut of our Shtiebel at home range which will ensure you look great while supporting our services and programs throughout the upcoming year.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Shtiebel at home range as we’re dedicated to fulfilling “all your leisurewear needs”.

Support our work by purchasing your very own shtiebel apron!