Kids Help Kids

teaching tzedakah
to the next generation

The Shtiebel is dedicated to making an impact in our community and in the world.
Teaching tzedakah to the next generation not only instills a sense of social responsibility, but also perpetuates our Jewish mitzvah and tradition that fosters empathy, compassion and the understanding that each person has the power to contribute positively to the world.
Our tzedakah boxes encourage the youngest members of our community to give what they can to make a difference to those in need.
At this time, we encourage raising money for organisations supporting children and young families in Israel.
Together, we can make a difference!

collect your coins

Fill your tzedakah box with coins (or notes).

  • Encourage kids to place a portion of their birthday gifts or pocket money in their money boxes.
  • Create opportunities for kids to raise money, through making and selling jewellery, baked goods or other initiatives.

share your support

choose a cause of your choice

  • The Social Blueprint has a range of accredited (and verified) charities that you can select from.
  • Other social media platforms are suggesting other charities and causes that you can support.
  • Please be careful and check the validity of the charity you choose. Unfortunately, there are a number of scams around at the moment.