jewish journeys

We welcome all who are curious about Jewish life and their Jewish identity to create their own unique Jewish Journey with us to better understand themselves and to build deeper connections to community and tradition.

do jewish and be jewish

At shtiebel we help people “do Jewish” and “be Jewish” in their own way and in their own time. 

While we place no boundaries or barriers on Jewish expression, living and ritual, we provide a supportive and encouraging community where people can explore their identities, beliefs and practices without judgement or cohesion.

Put simply, we are investing in the Jewish future by helping people connect with Judaism in inclusive, innovative and engaging ways.

We see Judaism as an evolving tradition sustained by study and enriched by lived experience and are committed to offering a new model of community that is inclusive, innovative and accessible to all.

In addition to our classes and programs that are open to all, we recognize that you might have particular areas of interest that you’d like to explore.

but I don’t know what I don’t know

As we all know, our community is rapidly changing as we increasingly recognise and celebrate the diversity of our families and our commitment to inclusivity. Some of us have had the privilege of years of Jewish education, whilst for our others Jewish knowledge has developed through cultural and familial experiences. Yet, no matter our background, most of us recognise that there are gaps in our knowledge and our lived experience, which is why shtiebel has created the jewish journeys program – to help fill gaps and build a more solid foundation for Jewish identity and practice.

jewish journeys program

We pride ourselves on meeting people where they are at, and as such, begin our jewish journeys program with a conversation about your learning objectives and personal goals. We provide further information about the various offerings of our jewish journeys program to help you determine your desired pathway to deeper connection and practice.

exploration program

Select up to 8 one-hour sessions (online or in person) exploring your choice of topics from our curriculum. Alternatively, we can develop a personalised program if you want to focus on a particular experience or area of interest, or add additional sessions to the core eight sessions. This private program is suited to individuals, couples and families.

foundation program

This shared learning experience delves into the foundations of Jewish practice and belief in 18 two-hour sessions offered in person or online. Topics covered include Torah, the Jewish calendar, texts and wisdom, with a focus on asking questions to formalise personal connections to tradition, culture, and practice. Sessions run fortnightly throughout the academic year in parallel to our Hebrew program. Our first cohort begins in February, 2024.

hebrew program

This shared learning experience explores the basics of the Hebrew language, with the goal of developing siddur fluency. We offer 18 one-hour sessions, fortnightly throughout the academic year in parallel to our foundation program. The program is offered in person and online. Our first cohort begins in February 2024.

private program

We offer a private, personalised program for individuals, couples or families who would like to develop a program around their specific learning goals and schedule. This option is derived from from the foundation, exploration and Hebrew programs. We recommend between 18-36, two hour sessions.

what if I’m not Jewish?

Then you should know that you are not the only one!

Jewish, Jew(ish), not-at-all Jewish, interfaith, multifaith, not-really-into-faith — all interested in fostering meaningful Jewish practices and helping us shape our Jewish future are welcome at shtiebel.

While conversion is by no means a pre-requisite for communal engagement and involvement, we understand that for some, participation in our Jewish Journeys program may lead to a desire to connect with the Jewish people in a more formal way.

In such cases, our team will support an additional personalised program that will prepare potential conversion candidates to appear before an independent beit din.

want to know more?

We invite you to make a time to come in to meet with our team to explore how we can create a tailored learning program for you.