Introducing The Shtiebel Haggadah

We’re thrilled to share the inaugural edition of the Shtiebel Haggadah with you! This edition is more than just a draft; it’s a comprehensive yet evolving guide designed to enrich your seder experience. Our family-friendly and accessible Haggadah is crafted with contemporary explanations and readings, all presented in a format that easily fits on your table.

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of resources to explore our rich traditions, contemplate their relevance today, and delve into the enduring themes of slavery and liberation. The Haggadah includes thoughtful transliterations and translations, ensuring everyone can participate fully.

As this is our first edition, your feedback is not only welcome—it is essential. We invite you to use our Haggadah and share your insights with us. Your input will be invaluable as we strive to refine and perfect our Haggadot for the next Pesach.

Wishing you a profoundly joyful and meaningful Pesach!


Introducing the first iteration of our Shtiebel Haggadah! Designed to enhance your seder, this family-friendly and accessible haggadah comes filled with contemporary explanations and readings, all in a format that fits easily on your table.

We invite you to explore our haggadah and share your valuable feedback with us. Your insights will help us refine and perfect our haggadot for the next Pesach. Join us in making this Pesach memorable with a fresh perspective on our timeless traditions.